Manarchive - Mercury Anarchy Archive

Manarchive (Mercury Anarchy Archive) is a multi-purpose collection of libraries in the Mercury programming language. The libraries can be used separately. Manarchive provides a common development and testing platform.

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Accessing Manarchive

These commands should show you a sample application compiled against a package in Manarchive.

# Install Mercury compiler, see

# Download current release of Manarchive:
svn co manarchive

# Compile the 'manager', Manarchive package manager:
cd manarchive/manager

# Compile the sample application. The manager will compile packages needed:
cd ../samples
make hello_world

Problems? Contact the either the Mercury community (see Mercury mailing lists) or Manarchive community (see Manarchive mailing lists).

Downloading individual packages

Future versions of Manarchive manager will allow downloading only packages you need. Stay tuned or help us.

Contributing to Manarchive

  1. Register at Sourceforge to get a user name.
  2. Send Manarchive administrators your Sourceforge user name with a short comment on what your plans are.

Ondřej Bojar and all Manarchive contributors.
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